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450 marlin ammo
Buy 450 marlin ammo

The 450 Marlin is a firearms cartridge designed as a modernized equivalent to the .45-70 cartridge. It was designed by a joint team of Marlin and Hornady engineers headed by Hornady’s Mitch Mittelstaedt,[3] and was released in 2000, with cartridges manufactured by Hornady and rifles manufactured by Marlin, mainly the Model 1895M levergun. The Browning BLR is also now available in .450 Marlin chambering, as is the Ruger No. 1. Marlin ceased manufacture of the 1895M rifle in 2009. It is not known if or when this model will be available again.

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LEVERevolution 450-Marlin represents a breakthrough in ammo design for lever action rifles and revolvers. The key to its innovation and performance is the patented elastomer Flex Tip technology of the FTX and MonoFlex bullets. Safe to use in tubular magazines, these bullets feature higher ballistic coefficients and deliver dramatically flatter trajectory for increased down range performance.

Does Hornady still make 450-Marlin ammo?

NOTE: The innovative LEVERevolution FTX and MonoFlex bullet designs may require a newer magazine follower to provide best possible functioning of the last round out of the magazine in certain guns.

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While ballistically similar to the .45-70, the .450 Marlin was not developed from the .45-70. Rather, the .450 Marlin was developed from the wildcat .458×2″ American, which was based on the .458 Winchester Magnum.[4] This places the .450 Marlin in the .458 Winchester family of cartridges, though it is more easily understood as a “modernized” .45-70. It is possible to handload the .45-70 to levels that can destroy older firearms such as the Trapdoor Springfield. The .450 Marlin offers the ballistics of such “hot” .45-70 loads without the risk of chambering in firearms that cannot handle its higher pressure.

450 marlin ammo

The belt has been modified to prevent it from chambering in smaller-bore 7 mm Magnum or .338 Magnum rifles.[5] The .45-70 and .450 Marlin cannot be cross-chambered, but rifles chambered for the American can be modified to fire the .450 Marlin.[6]

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Visually, the case resembles that of the .458 Winchester Magnum with a wider belt.[7] The cartridge is most useful for hunting big game at short ranges, being accurate at ranges of 150 to 175 yards (137 to 160 m).[4] The cartridge is capable of taking any large game animal in North America including large elk, brown bear, and moose.

One potential advantage of the .450 Marlin was its ability to chamber easily in bolt-action rifles, essentially becoming a “.45-70 bolt action” cartridge. This idea, however, was only utilized by one company: Steyr-Mannlicher. However, many companies such as E.R. Shaw Inc. and EABCO have helped numerous owners convert their existing bolt-action rifles to .450 Marlin, fulfilling the cartridge’s inspired purpose.


Specifications for 450 Marlin Ammo
Caliber: 450 Marlin
Number of Rounds: 20
Bullet Type: Spitzer
Bullet Weight: 325 grain
Cartridge Case Material: Brass
Muzzle Velocity: 2225 ft/s
Muzzle Energy: 3572 ft-lbs
Ammunition Application: Medium Game, Large Game
Package Type: Box
Primer Location: Centerfire
Sectional Density: 0.221
G1 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.23
Features 450 Marlin Ammo

What are Hornady FTX bullets used for?

Flex Tip Technology: The patented Flex Tip technology of the FTX and MonoFlex bullets provide higher ballistic coefficients and velocity increases of up to 250 fps over traditional flat point loads while still providing shock-absorbing safety in tubular magazines.
Modern Propellants: New propellants provide maximum muzzle velocity at conventional pressures, resulting in flatter trajectories and more downrange energy. Exceptional accuracy and overwhelming downrange terminal performance for hornady 325 ftx bullets.
Overwhelming Performance: LEVERevolution ammunition outperforms conventional loads for high weight retention, delivering up to 40% more energy than traditional flat point bullets. The higher ballistic coefficients of the FTX and MonoFlex bullets produce consistently flatter trajectories than conventional bullets and provide overwhelming downrange terminal performance.
Package Contents:

Hornady LEVERevolution .450 Marlin 325 Grain Flex Tip eXpanding Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

19 reviews for Buy Hornady 450 marlin ammo | In Stock Now

  1. Vanammo

    After reading a hog hunters review I’m definitely stocking up on it and my 300 gr. flat nose ammo will be fine for plinking around for ported barrel break in !

  2. Vanammo

    I previously used the Hornady soft points which aren’t available anymore (wish they were). This round is more accurate than the originals from my E.R. Shaw rifle. They perform the same. The most recent harvest was a nice hog. It was only 50 yards and blew completely through leaving large holes on both sides. This pig went straight down but no bullet can guarantee that the animal won’t run. What it can guarantee is accuracy, deep penetration, and in this case, lots of blood to follow if it does run after the shot. I feel for those who can’t get these to cycle correctly in their level action rifles. Hornady should address that or offer the original load in addition to this one. I still think this an outstanding round if it works in your rifle.

  3. Vanammo

    I have bought and shot the 450 325 grain bullets and love them. I will buy them again next year.

  4. Vanammo

    Love this ammo. It makes my lever action Marlin a more accurate and interesting gun to hunt with.

  5. Vanammo

    This ammo loads amd functions flawlessly in my Marlin 450 Guide Gun, and extremely accurate and flat shooting with tremendous energy. Cycles smooth as butter. Anyone having an issue I suspect is trying to cycle this ammo in a 45/70.

  6. Vanammo

    Took this ammo on a Buffalo hunt. It was absolutely devastating on probably the widest body american game animal. Complete pass thru with large fist size exist wound. This ammo could be used on anything in North America and beyond really. Would also be good for home defense. If a person was considering being a “one gun” person this caliber might be one to consider.

  7. Vanammo

    I used this ammo to take a 7 Pt buck at 125 yrs. Deer dropped in tracks! Heart and lungs were mush! Shot sub MOA @ 100 yrd out of my Guide Gun w/4 power fixed scope. How can anyone ask for more? One shot, One kill! I am very impressed with this ammo and highly recommed.

  8. Vanammo

    I’m 66 years old, don’t shoot very well anymore, the .450 does have a little bite to it. Zeroed my .450 with this ammo with open sights at 50 yards with about a 3 inch group, went to 90 yards and grouping 4 to 6 inches,,,now , for a senior citizen, open sights and at 90 yards don’t think you could get any better using it at this distance, by the way I bought 5 more boxes where I won’t run out the next few years.. Will be using on hogs and deer at these ranges.

  9. Vanammo

    I hunt hogs using this ammunition and it is outstanding. I hope in the future this ammunition becomes more available.

  10. Vanammo

    I used this ammo this past October to harvest a large Elk cow using a Marlin guide gun…0ne shot in the heart and out the other side…cow dropped in that spot. No tracking, just packing. Will continue to use the same gun and ammo for elk.

  11. Vanammo

    I used this ammo during barrel break-in for my Browning BLR with Tasco 2.5X scope. The results I had anticipated and the results I got were amazing! Once I had the scope dialed in @50 yards, with all shots touching I might add, I set up and settled in @ 100. One 5 shot group can be covered with a quarter!!! Yes, the coin with Washington’s head. 3 shots essentially through the same hole! I will be certainly be purchasing more! I would feel totally confident using this on the dark timbered slopes in CO for elk and in the piney woods/hardwood bottoms of East Texas for “piney rooters”! I highly recommend you try it and see how it groups out of your 450, in particular the BLR!!!

  12. Vanammo

    I use this ammo in my Steyr big bore bolt action 450 marlin and shoot 1 inch groups. For factory ammo in a factory rifle, it doesnt get any better in my opinion. Great ammo

  13. Vanammo

    I used this ammo on a hog hunt in Arkansas. I shot a large hog from 50 yards. Ammo work perfect. The hog never new what hit it.

  14. Vanammo

    This ammo cuts same hole at 100 yards and is within 3/4 moa at 200 out of my XLR. I’ve not tried it in my guide gun. I think those that can’t get this to shoot tight don’t manage the 450 recoil very well. I have a huge break on my XLR and Mercury in the butt stock of my 1895M. Tamed the recoil and my shooting vastly improved. Great ammo.

  15. Vanammo

    Just picked up an 1895MXLR in .450 Marlin. I shot 2 shots @ 50 feet, then 1 @ 50 yards to get on paper. I went back to 100 yards to fire my rifles very first group. The first one measured 3/4″ CTC and the second group was a 1/2″ cloverleaf! I have a 4.5-14x scope on my rifle that was set to 14x – but this is still a testament of how good Hornady’s ammo is. Recoil was similiar to my .300 Ultra Mag. This rifle/ammo combo will be setting up on some big hogs this year!

  16. Vanammo

    Significant improvement over flat nose. Tighter groups at both 50 and 100 yards. 4 inches less drop at 100 yards than round nose. Don’t know whether to credit ballistic tip or 25 grain lighter bullet, probably both contributed. I am going to continue to use the LEVERevolution over round nose.

  17. Vanammo

    The Hornady LEVERevolution ammunition has revolutionized the lever action ammo. I do so much better downrange at 100yards now. With the heavy 300 grain bullets in the Marlin .450 anything over 100 yards was a wing and a prayer. Now with the new ballistic tip, I can get great groups out to 200 Yards.

  18. Vanammo

    In my Marlin 1895m this ammo shoots less then 2 inch groups at a 100 yards. I have found this ammo feeds better then flat nose bullets. Thanks Hornady for making the flex tip bullet!

  19. Vanammo

    Shoots less than one inch groups at 100 yds out of my 1895 guide gun. Feeds and cycles flawlessly. Makes the ol lever gun shoot like a tactical rifle.

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