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Made in USA
Quantity:50 Piece
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7mm prc brass:

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7mm prc brass  Overview:

7mm prc brass produced by Hornady produces brass with the same precision,

attention to detail and focus on perfection that has made them a world leader in bullets.

They measure their brass for consistent wall concentricity,

tests pressure calibration to ensure uniform case expansion and hand-inspects each piece.

This dedication to quality ensures proper seating of the bullet both in the case and in the chamber

and consistent charges and pressures.

The result is optimal velocity and repeatable accuracy from your cartridges.

New, unprimed brass. This is not loaded ammunition.


7mm prc Brass Preparation:

With bulk rifle brass you may sometimes notice a few case mouths are “out of round”

or slightly dented below the shoulder.  These imperfections occur in the final tumbling wash operation after

the case mouth has been annealed.

Brass manufacturers are aware of the case cosmetics and have worked to mitigate it,

but due to equipment design, denting may still occur.

Minor dents are normally removed in the first firing and will not affect case life or performance.

On non-plated brass, you may also notice all the anneal stain might not be polished off,

which may give the case neck a pinkish color.  With some smaller caliber cases you may

notice the case mouths to be slightly belled.

With all new rifle brass, you should first straighten out the case and case mouth,

then chamfer and debur the case mouth inside and out.

To straighten the case mouth, run the case part way into the sizer die and let the expander ball straighten the brass.

To prevent the case neck from stretching, be sure to lubricate the case neck inside the case mouth.

Made In United States of America

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State
of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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7mm prc brass Specifications

Product Information

Cartridge 7mm PRC
Finish Brass
Condition New
Quantity 50 Piece
Primed No
Country of Origin United States of America

7mm prc brass Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 1.750 Pounds

⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of

California to cause cancer or other reproductive harm.

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what is 7mm prc brass:

7mm PRC brass is popular among recreational shooters and hunters due to its durability and excellent dimensional stability.

It has a pleasant golden-yellow hue with a pointed crystal structure that makes it easy to work with.

As with any alloy, the properties of PRC brass vary depending on chemical composition and heat treatment.

In general, though, it is among the most reliable brass alloys available and may cost a bit more than other types of brass,

but its longevity and strength make it worth it. Additionally, PRC brass is one of the most common brass alloys in

China and can be found in a variety of products from firearms to musical instruments and jewelry.

7mm prc brass is most commonly used for reloadable ammunition, such as in centerfire cartridges and in shotshells.

It is the most abundant brass alloy in China and is a great choice for recreational shooters and hunters.

It is also one of the most durable alloys in the world and is known for its excellent dimensional stability.

The PRC uses this brass alloy in a wide array of products.

Not only is it used in firearms, but it can also be found in boat propellers, musical instruments, and jewelry.


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